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Querencia Cares

Established in 2024, the Querencia Foundation was created in recognition of the expanding needs of the local Los Cabos community. Serving as a vital bridge and working with established and vetted non-profit organizations in the community, the mission of The Querencia Foundation is to connect the immediate needs of our Los Cabos community to Querencia Members in order to make organized, positive change.

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"Charity begins at home,
but should not end there."
- Thomas Fuller

We believe that you should give, where you live. This simple, yet profound truth inspired the vision of the Querencia Foundation. We are committed to empowering the local community and inspiring our members to discover their true passion for giving, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond our immediate surroundings and ignites a spirit of compassion and generosity that transcends and touches the lives of everyone in the community.





Querencia partners with the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF) to create the Duckett Challenge, a golf classic in memory of Member, Fred Duckett. Our relationship continues to thrive today. Querencia hosted this annual event to benefit the children of Los Cabos for 17 years.  


In response to Hurricane Odile, Querencia Members came together to create a Querencia Family relief fund to aid and support Querencia employees affected by the hurricane. More than $800,000 USD was raised and distributed.


In response to the COVID pandemic, in April 2020 the Querencia Community Foundation (QCF) was created in order to join with other organizations in the community to provide support to first-line health and public service workers. More than $50,000 USD was donated from Querencia and over time 68 Members came together to raise more than $370,000 USD from April to July. In addition, 9,200 food boxes were delivered to the Los Cabos community, along with specialized medical equipment still in use by medical professionals in Cabo.


Querencia created The Querencia Foundation as a unified organization committed to working with community organizations and causes.

Collage of families and children. The Querencia Foundation





Strengthening the comprehensive educational experience for the youth of Los Cabos with the application of financial and practical support.


Fortifying and improving the overall health and wellbeing of Los Cabos children, adolescents and adults, ultimately benefiting the entire family unit.


Providing good stewardship and working with local environmental organizations to preserve and protect our native ecosystem.

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"With charity,
there is no excess."

Sir Francis Bacon


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