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Querencia Careers

At Querencia, we consider ourselves a family. We value and reward loyalty, commitment and creativity above all else. We’re proud to offer outstanding benefits and employee-centric programs to support our staff at Querencia and beyond. For more information regarding these specific benefits ​​and available positions, please contact QRH@QCabo.com.

Open job vacancies

Coordinador administrativo de Club Suits / Club Suits Coordinator

Inglés avanzado (hablado y escrito), excelente nivel de servicio al Socio, manejo de paquetería Suite Office, coordinación de actividades administrativas en general, coordinación de actividades enfocadas en calidad de servicio (housekeeping, proveedores), enfoque al detalle, organizado, proactivo.
Contacto Recusos Humanos: Whatsapp 624.191.1092 | QRH@QCabo.com

Advanced English (written and spoken), excellent Member service, knowledge in Office Suite, general administrative activities coordination, detail-oriented, organized, proactive.
Contact Human Resources and send CV to: Whatsapp 624.191.1092 | QRH@QCabo.com

Contraloría y Finanzas / Controller and Finances

Bachillerato trunco o concluido, experiencia de al menos 6 meses en el puesto, trato con proveedores, recepción e ingreso de mercancia, conocimientos en control de inventarios, servicio a cliente interno, proactivo.
Contacto Recursos Humanos: Whatsapp 624.191.1092 | QRH@QCabo.com

Minimum Bachelors Degree and High School Diploma, has at least 6 months of experience in the position, can work with suppliers and handle the reception and entry of merchandise, is knowledable in inventory control, has good customer service skills, and is highly proactive.
Contact Human Resources and send CV to: Whatsapp 624.191.1092 | QRH@QCabo.com

Asistente Administrativo / Administrative Assistant

Genero Indistinto, excelente dominio del idioma inglés (hablado y escrito), conocimientos y ejecución de diversas actividades administrativas, manejo de paquetería Suite Office, adaptable a la ejecución de diversas actividades en general, organizado.
Contacto Recursos Humanos Whatsapp 624.191.1092 | QRH@QCabo.com

Proffiecient in spoken and written English, knowledgable in adminstrative tasks and Office Suite programs, can easily adapt to the needs of the job, organized and has good time management skills.
Contact Human Resources and send CV to: Whatsapp 624.191.1092 | QRH@QCabo.com

Coordinador de Seguridad / Security Coordinator

Licenciatura en Hotelería, Turismo otra carrera afín, dominio del inglés hablado y escrito. Conocedor de los programas de Office Suite, tiene experiencia en servicio al cliente y tiene excelentes habilidades de trato con el cliente.
Contacto Recursos Humanos Whatsapp 624.191.1092 | QRH@QCabo.com

Bachelors degree in Hospitality, Tourism or other related career, profficient in spoken and written English. Knowledgeable in Office Suite programs, has experience in customer service and has excellent client facing skills.
Contact Human Resources and send CV to: Whatsapp 624.191.1092 | QRH@QCabo.com

Open Positions

Querencia siempre está buscando profesionales dedicados y trabajadores para unirse a nuestro equipo de operaciones. Si cree que sería un activo importante en cualquiera de las vacantes disponibles que se enumeran a continuación, envíe su CV a QRH@QCabo.com

Querencia is always looking for hardworking and dedicated professionals to join our operations team. If you feel you would be a strong asset in any of the available vacancies listed below please send your CV to QRH@QCabo.com

*Domino del idioma inglés/*Proficient in English

A&B / F&B

Supervisor de Restaurante* / Restaurant Supervisor*
Cantinero* / Bartender*
Meseros* / Waiter*
Ayudante de Mesero* / Back waiter*

Cocineros de línea / Line cooks

Stewards / Line cook

Campo de Golf / Golf Course

Ayudantes generales / General course assistants

Property Management

Administrador de Propiedades* / Property Manager*
Asistente de administrativo* / Administrative Assistant*

Seguridad / Security

Agentes de prevención A* / Property Security A*
Agentes de prevencion B / Property Security B

Actividades / Activities

Instructor de Surf y actividades acuáticas* / Surf and water activities instructor*

Planta de Tratamiento / Proccessing Facilities

Ayudante de operaciones / Operations Assistant

Urbanizacion e Infraestructura / Urbanization & Infrastructure

Ayudante de topografía / Topography assistant

Construcción / Construction

Residente de obra / Residencial construction worker

Administración y Finanzas / Administration & Finance

Almacenista / Warehouseman

Jardinería / Gardening

Jardineros / Gardeners

Mantenimiento de Edificios / Maintanence

Alberquero / Pool maintenance
Christian | employee at Querencia

Christian Adadera

Occupation: Caddy/Valet
Years at Querencia: 2 years
Testimonial: At Querencia, I’ve had the opportunity to grow in my career as a caddy and have developed a deep appreciation and love for golf. While it’s been hard work since I started with little experience as a caddy, I’ve had the full support of my directors and coworkers. Now I feel confident in my role and proud to be a part of the team! I look forward to improving my skills and growing with the company.

Ana Christina | employee at Querencia

Ana Christina Figueroa

Occupation: Kid’s Club Receptionist
Years at Querencia: 5 years
Testimonial: As a Kid’s Club receptionist, working is like coming to play! Over the last five years with Querencia, I’ve fostered meaningful connections with the Members and feel like an extension of their families. The environment here feels like home and my directors truly take an interest in my well-being, physically and mentally. I feel lucky to be a part of this team and love making memories with all our Querencia kids.

Joel | Employee at Querencia

Joel Ramirez

Occupation: Outdoor Activities/Mountain Bike Pro
Years at Querencia: 2 years
Testimonial: Working at Querencia has allowed me to pursue my passion for the outdoors and has propelled my growth as a pro-Mountain Biker. I get to do what I love every day and help with the overall development and expansion of the outdoor activities program. New ideas are highly encouraged by my directors and coworkers are always willing to work as a team. Every day I’m excited to meet new people and explore opportunities for growth in my career.

Ofelia | Employee at Querencia

Ofelia Alejo

Occupation: Spa Receptionist
Years at Querencia: 10 Years
Testimonial: As a working mother, maintaining a work-life balance has been a high priority and over the last ten years at Querencia, I’ve felt highly supported in this aspect. My directors and coworkers have been there to help if I need to leave to take care of my child. The company has also supported my child’s development by providing essential school supplies, such as textbooks, pens, pencils and more. For these reasons, Querencia feels like home and I feel privileged to be a part of this team.

Mariana | Employee at Querencia

Mariana Joyce Garcia

Occupation: Concierge
Years at Querencia: 6 months
Testimonial: Although I’m new to the company, I already appreciate the stable environment that Querencia provides compared to my previous workplaces. The property is a beautiful place to work and Members are kind and caring. Everyone seems happy in their respective roles and always willing to help if I have any questions. Even though I have a lot to learn in my current position, I look forward to the opportunities ahead for me at Querencia.