Tom Fazio Recounts Querencia, His First Golf Course in Mexico

Tom Fazio, Querencia Golf Course Architect

With the 2017 Querencia Cabo Collegiate Tournament coming to town this month, we discussed the host course with its acclaimed designer, Tom Fazio. A three-time recipient of Golf Digest’s “Best Modern Day Golf Course Architect,” Tom Fazio has designed some of the world’s top courses during his 40+ years of design work. Here, he talks about his very first project in Mexico.

What were your first impressions of the land that would become the golf course?

My first thought was that we had the opportunity to create what I call a ‘total golf experience.’ We started with a great piece of land. There was plenty of room to shape each hole to take advantage of the natural elevation changes and dramatic views. Having creative freedom in a setting so beautiful is something special.

Was working in Mexico any different than working in the States?

Cabo was already a great destination when we started working on the design. The area welcomes people from all over the world and presents year-round golf weather. So we had to build a course that would stay exciting long-term.

What elements of the course make it playable for residents, but challenging enough for some of the top college players?

My vision is to build courses for every level of player. The angles and pin positions at Querencia can test the better golfers, but a high-handicap player can play multiple times a week and still find new ways to strategize. In that way, it’s different than a resort course. I think if you polled the members on their favorite hole, the answers probably vary quite a bit. That’s something I’m really happy about.

What is your favorite part of the course?

It’s not unusual for us to work natural elevation into the design from end to end, but Querencia is unique in some of the left to right elevation changes. That makes for some interesting and unique holes. I also love the views from the clubhouse, and obviously the vistas where you can gaze out at the water.

Learn more about Tom Fazio’s Querencia Los Cabos Golf Course here.