The Querencia Community Foundation | Los Cabos, Mexico

The Querencia Community Foundation

The Querencia Community Foundation (QCF) was created in April 2020 to join the greater cause in Los Cabos, Mexico and help support those in need during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Since it’s inception, the Foundation has been focused on providing immediate support in relation to basics like food, medical and health support. From organizing comprehensive and consistent food drops in the colonias hit the hardest after the COVID-19 pandemic, where many of our workers live, to working alongside Querencia physician, Dr. Musi, MD, to purchase and supply necessary protective gear and medical supplies for local hospitals, the Querencia Community Foundation targets specific needs and prioritizes and reacts as quickly as possible to bring about immediate aid.

Inception  |  Querencia Community Foundation

To get the fund started, Querencia pledged $50,000 USD and the total donations quickly swelled thanks to the generosity of our Members and friends. To date, the QCF has received a total of $364,676 in donations. These contributions are truly making a difference in the local community.

Delivered as of Today  |  Querencia Community Foundation

7,100 Despensas / Food boxes
14,000 Ambiderm nitrile gloves
9,000 N95 and 3 layer-SMS BFE 95% masks
2,000 Surgical caps
1,250 Plastic protective eyewear
523 Reusable plastic masks
300 Protective goggles
200 Disposable surgical gowns
100 Electrostatic filters

100 White safety overalls
62 Closed suction systems for adults
29 Overall Body protective suits with head caps for Civil Protection
25 Mechanical ventilator filters
20 Pulse oximeter (adults)
5 Video laryngoscopes with 210 disposable protective sheets
5 Infrared thermometers
3 Insulation capsules

Total Pledged by 62 members: $364,676 USD
Total Received by Querencia Community Foundation: $258,676 USD
Still to be received: $106,000 USD
Total up-to-date distributions to Los Cabos Community by QCF: $215,882.86 USD
*Figures as of June 04, 2020

Commitment  |  Querencia Community Foundation

With each pledge and contribution, QCF offers transparent communication as we mobilize and organize in order to make sure that your help is reaching those who most need it. In addition, the QCF is committed to the right processes and controls to ensure your donations are getting to those who really need it. Our QCF team, in coordination with our in-house MD, Doctor Musi, continues to validate all medical-related purchases – from making sure items ordered meet the required specifications, as well as ensuring competitive pricing and evaluating different bids. Clearly this is a time-sensitive process, and as such delivery times are also being considered.

Advisory Board  |  Querencia Community Foundation

The advisory board is led by Ronnie Bell and includes Bonnie and Tom McCloskey and Jorge Carrera. The fund is coordinated by Eva Ceseña, who helped tremendously with Querencia’s similar efforts after Hurricane Odile.

Donations  |   Querencia Community Foundation

ALL donations received by QCF will go directly to the Los Cabos community. Donations are tax-deductible for this 501(c)(3) organization. Donations will be tax-deductible upon 501(c)(3) status approval.

For more information regarding how to give to the Querencia Community Foundation, please contact