Arturo Ponce de Leon Talks Designing Homes in Cabo

As Querencia’s Chief Architect, Arturo Ponce de Leon sets the vision for some of the most beautiful custom homes and communal spaces in Cabo. His thorough attention to detail and eye for timeless design is evident throughout Querencia.

We recently sat down with Arturo to learn more about what inspires his style.

How would you describe the overall design of Querencia’s homes and amenity spaces?

“Broadly speaking, the design concept has been to continually explore how to best settle into the desert and mountainous surroundings in a harmonious manner. Hence the careful use of native vegetation within Q neighborhoods – something we also promote and supervise individually amongst Querencia’s custom homes. From an architectural standpoint, the style aims to strike a balance between traditional architecture and a more contemporary current feel.”

What are some common requests that you are starting to see more of from custom home buyers?

“We’ve certainly seen a shift towards a more quality-aware client who demands a highly-customizable process and final product. Examples of commonly requested features could be a larger home, more interactive pool, multipurpose theater rooms, wine cellars or gourmet kitchens.”

Are there elements of Cabo/Baja (aesthetics, materials, colors etc.) that serve as design inspiration?

“The color and material palette of the Baja desert surrounding is an important consideration on the feel of the architecture we are promoting.”

For those looking to buy a second home, how does Querencia deliver a luxury feel that is still inviting and comfortable?

“We identify the individual needs and requirements of our clients very carefully. It is important to understand the unique expectations of each client, what makes a successful surrounding for them not only here but at their primary home, and then crafting this feel around them through our processes.”

Could you talk about the design of The Club?

“The Club House was loosely inspired by the old world Tuscan farmhouse in its architectural style and color, also blending traditional Mexican elements of design and materials. All of its buildings housing the various operational activities of the Club are spread over detached individual building structures and connected through courtyards, walkways and landscaped passages. This promotes the user to discover the building at a calmer pace. The structures being simple in form will always provide a solid backdrop for changing interior design styles and trends as these evolve.”

Learn more about Arturo’s designs by visiting Querencia’s Design Group page. It would be our pleasure to help you find your home away from home or an ideal investment opportunity in North America’s hottest real estate market.