8 Best Oceanfront Views in Los Cabos

With the shimmering sea bordering three sides of Baja California Sur, there is no shortage of oceanfront views around Los Cabos. Whether you’re on the beach, on a hiking trail, or just soaking up some sun here at Querencia, water is almost always in sight. Here are some of our picks for the best oceanfront views in Los Cabos.

Querencia Los Cabos

We had to start with the remarkable views available to our own residents! This vantage point, offers a panorama of land, San Jose del Cabo town, and sea. The abundance of shoreline activities – golfing, boating, sunbathing – is fully on display from here.

Acapulquito Beach

Readily accessible from Querencia and the Ocean Club, Acapulquito Beach is a surfer’s paradise with views that dazzle. The gentle waves rolling through the cove make it a favorite spot for beginner wave riders and past the breakers is calm water. At low tide, snorkeling is a favorite pastime here as well.

Hiking Mount Solmar — Photo by Noelle Matthews, @noellematthews on Instagram

Mt. Solmar

This hike is perhaps the most popular in Los Cabos. It’s not for the faint of heart, but those who trek to the summit are rewarded with an epic view. From this point, on the very southern tip of Baja, the ocean stretches endlessly into the distance.

Land’s End and The Arch — Photo by LA76 Photography

Land’s End / The Arch

If hiking Mt. Solmar isn’t your thing, the view from sea level is still impressive. From Land’s End – wedged between Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach – you get a great view of “El Arco” or “The Arch.” The famous Cabo landmark was carved by Baja’s wind and waves and is a go-to spot to watch the sunset.

Medano Beach and Land’s End — Photo by LA76 Photography

Medano Beach

This popular meeting locale is a hub of activity in Cabo San Lucas, and one of the first places new visitors like to experience. It’s easy to see why the beach attracts so many people. From here you can view the entire cove, with towering mountains as a backdrop.

Private Cruise on Speiro

Of all the experiences available to Querencia residents, a private cruise on Speiro ranks amongst the most unique. The 70-foot luxury yacht is available to homeowners and guests, and is staffed with a full-time crew to cater to your needs. As for the views, they can be found wherever you’d like to travel on the Sea of Cortez.

Wind and water riders compete at the annual Lord of the Wind competition. Photo via Lord of the Wind Baja.

The East Cape

Home to long stretches of isolated white sand beach, the East Cape is a bit like going back in time. Los Barriles and Las Ventanas are the most popular areas for windsurfing and kiteboarding in Cabo, while sport fishermen flock to the deeper East Cape waters for the best catch.

Balandra Beach

A few minutes north, in La Paz, is Balandra Beach. With shallow and gentle blue water, pictures taken here look more like something you’d find in the Caribbean. Another geographic wonder, Mushroom Rock, rises out of the water at low tide.

For your own oceanfront itinerary, be sure to contact the Querencia concierge for more details on travel and booking opportunities.